Sports Area LED Lighting

Make your stadium LED lights infrastructure work for you and your sports fans. Give your venue the best opportunity to compete with high costs of energy by utilising Ledtec’s sports LED lighting solutions. We instil confidence in your project knowing that you will have the backing of the latest lighting technology and sleekest product design in sports lighting on your side. Our sports floodlights are carefully designed to guarantee optimal flexibility and visual comfort for both players on the field and spectators on the sidelines while simultaneously minimising light pollution for the surrounding populations. Our sports LED fixtures are available in a range from 350W right up to 2000W with both inbuilt and remote driver options to ensure we can provide the ideal lighting solution for both new build installations or retrofit projects to existing light poles for any sports lighting application including large arenas, sports, and recreation club facilities, indoor stadiums for football, tennis, rugby, outdoor lawn bowling, swimming and any other sport in between.

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