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Lighting Audit & Design

No project detail goes unnoticed by our team of lighting design experts.

Ledtec employs an in-house team of accredited lighting engineers who have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that allows them to identify and overcome the toughest of obstacles when it comes to lighting. The lighting design process commences with either an onsite audit or the use of advanced software to generate a design with the measurements provided. Our designers take the time to understand your sites existing lighting and infrastructure or the layout of a new build, and your desired lighting outcomes and pair this with their knowledge of Australian Lighting Standards and building codes. Using the latest design software, they then develop a lighting design presentation that includes detailed site plans, 3D renders, technical data specifications of the recommended light fixtures, performance specifications, and lighting quotation. We guarantee that the lighting solution presented to you is the most efficient and cost-effective solution that satisfies all design criteria. When it comes to LED lighting, we know that virtually any retrofit from conventional lighting to LED will reduce power consumption levels, so we enjoy the challenge of present designs that maximise this reduction while improving productivity for your business.

Let your worksite stand out as the brightest, the safest and the most efficient with our range of lighting services.

ROI & Energy Savings Analysis

Powering up a brighter future for your business and the environment.

Whether you are retrofitting and upgrading lighting for mobile plant equipment, upgrading lighting for an existing building, or working on new construction, there are expenses to be considered. LEDs cost more upfront to install, however, as part of their consultation with you, our engineers will calculate and document your cost savings and help you identify just how quickly you will gain your ROI, or in other words when your investment in LED light fixtures will start to pay for itself and start generating cost savings. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Ledtec and we pride ourselves on knowing that our range of LED fittings deliver rapid ROI and savings to businesses and are built to have a minimal environmental impact. All our LED lights are recyclable and have zero traces of lead, mercury, argon, or toxic fluorine, making them the ideal lighting solutions which will contribute to a sustainable and brighter future.

LED Lighting Supply

We aim to be your LED lighting supplier of choice.

With industry experience and knowledge that spans over a decade, we know exactly what it takes to deliver the optimal lighting solutions for retrofit and new build projects. Through our growing network of electrical wholesale partners, we supply the most robust, purposely built, and reliable LED lighting solutions to Australia’s mining industrial, commercial, public, and sports industries. We selectively choose to only partner with wholesalers that have built a solid reputation of their own, have extensive industry knowledge, and are represented by quality sales staff to ensure the best products and service for our end users Australia wide. Our LED fixtures are also available to lighting consultants who seek a particular type of product to specify for lighting projects.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Customisation and exclusivity to stay ahead of the competition.

If you require customised LED lighting components Ledtec is here to offer its partnership to you. We offer clients a solid OEM service that helps build your business’s product and achieve your overall performance goals. You can rely on us to help you accomplish your order of LED lighting components with record lead times that don’t compromise on quality. Whether it be custom LED light fixtures, panel boards, wiring harnesses or distributions enclosures that you require, our team of engineers and manufacturers are able to apply their expertise to deliver an exclusive product component that is sure to help you stay ahead of your competition.

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