Stadium LED Lighting

Make your stadium LED lights infrastructure work for you and your fans. Give your venue the best opportunity to compete with high costs of energy by utilising LedTec sports LED lighting solutions.

Stadium LED lighting

From indoor arenas to outdoor stadiums, we have the lighting solution to provide the brightest and most efficient sports LED lighting possible. LedTec instils the confidence in your next project knowing that you have the backing of the latest technology and experience in sports lighting on your side. We can tailor to suit any brief making it easy for you to get the right products package with our pole and fixture mounted solution all in one place, saving you precious time and money.

As a lighting company, LedTec supplies only the best LED lighting fixtures for outdoor or indoor sport areas like football, basketball, tennis, and other recreational facilities. Stadium lighting is the incorporation of artificial lighting that helps mimic the natural lighting during the night to ensure the continuity of the sports in a vivid environment.

Quality LED lighting product does more than just illuminate the sports field. It also makes stadium spectators comfortable in their surroundings and ensures a dynamic, quality television broadcast for fans watching at home. With more light reaching deeper pockets of sporting venues safety management influenced by vivid technologies and crowd control becomes easier.

The illuminated playing surface makes a major component of the field of view for anyone in a sporting venue including players, officials or spectators and TV cameras. New LED stadium lights replace old inefficient metal halide lights. The high quality of light emitting from LED sports lighting fixtures allows for better safety and an improved experience. Stadium lights have several applications over and higher than lighting up outdoor sports areas.

In addition to the energy savings, sports and area LED lighting fixtures are built to last for years delivering maintenance-free bright light and eliminating the need to replace burnt-out bulbs and failed ballasts.

Our new LED glare-free lighting helps in broadcast quality for the cameras to capture the action and give spectators a clear dynamic depiction of activities on the field. Best suited for arena & stadium lighting applications: basketball, football, soccer, rugby, baseball, concerts and corporate events.

Managing an outdoors lighting system isn't continually as simple. The challenges are to save on energy cost, cut back spill light-weight and to attenuate CO2-emissions. Environmentally friendly stadium LED lighting allows arenas and recreational facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and drastically reduce their energy consumption. LedTec offers professional-grade project support and complete lighting assemblies saving your wallet & the environment.

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