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Since its establishment in 1992, Price Trandos Engineering has built a reputation as an industry-leading specialist manufacturer of low and medium, fully customisable voltage main and distribution switchboards up to 33.0KV.

They service medium to large commercial, medical, education, shipping, mining and defence facilities. Price Trando’s team of dedicated individuals work in-house to deliver the concept design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and delivery of every product and service.

With the company’s key goal being to exceed the expectations of every individual client from the initial consultation stage right through to after-sales and maintenance, Price Trandos was presented with the need to upgrade their production factory’s lighting to ensure they would be able to continue adhering to their quality manufacturing and product delivery standards.

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The Challenges

Everything Price Trandos does is based on operational excellence and reliability. Therefore, every piece of their factory’s infrastructure must contribute toward their mission of getting products delivered to their clients as soon as possible. When Price Trandos commenced the planning phase of their lighting retrofit installation, they were eager to discover a solution that would reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bill.

There was an additional need to find a lighting solution that would deliver higher light output for their factory workers and ultimately produce a safer work environment compared to what the outdated 400W mercury vapour lights were delivering. An LED lighting makeover by Ledtec, promised to deliver on all these requirements.

The Solution

The LED lighting retrofit project commenced with the initial step of Ledtec carrying out a site audit to identify an appropriate project plan which would eliminate safety hazards and cause minimal disruptions to operations for Price Trandos.

The site visit also ensured Ledtec were able to present a lighting solution that would identify product specifications for the lighting levels to meet AS / NZS 1680 and would comply with the Building Code. Twelve LDC 200W LED light fittings were used to replace 400W mercury vapour lights on a one-for-one basis.

The Result

The replacement of the existing mercury vapour lights to Ledtec’s 200W LDC high bay light fixtures, allowed for Price Trando’s electricity bill to be reduced by 50%. The newly installed LED high bay lights have provided additional time and energy-saving benefits, such as improved light levels, allowing light to be more evenly spread across the factory as well as the ability to be switched on or off instantly as required, without having to wait for them to cool down.

Savings of $205 per light fixture, equated to a total annual cost saving of $2,468.35. In just 11 months, Price Trandos were able to gain back their entire return on investment. Beyond the ROI period, there is an estimated life savings of $200k of the LED high bays. If maintenance cost savings are also to be taken into consideration, this figure is likely to be even higher.

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Ledtec provided a solution and service, unlike any other supplier. They came in and presented ways for me to reduce costs and increase efficiency by providing better lighting conditions for my team. The transaction and installation were seamless.

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