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Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club, nestled in the heart of Mandurah, is a vibrant and welcoming community hub. With a rich history dating back several decades, the club offers a diverse range of recreational activities to its members and guests including an outdoor lawn bowling area, an indoor bowl centre and a space for social gatherings and entertainment events. Known for its friendly atmosphere and commitment to its members, the recreation club stands as a place for individuals and friends to come together and enjoy leisure and sports activities. The club was beginning to have members express concerns over their diminishing abilities to enjoy quality indoor lawn bowling games which led to the realisation that a lighting upgrade to LED fixtures was quickly needed.

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The Challenges

Before the lighting upgrade, Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club faced several challenges related to their existing lighting system:

Outdated Fixtures: The club’s existing metal halide light fixtures were outdated, resulting in uneven distribution of lighting, which had a significant impact on the club’s overall aesthetic.

Energy Inefficiency: The existing lighting fixtures were consuming a significant amount of energy resulting in high utility bills which was neither a cost-effective nor environmentally friendly lighting solution especially when considering the LED lighting technology that is available for clubs to utilise in today’s lighting market.

Inadequate Illumination: The indoor bowls area of the club was suffering from inadequate lighting which negatively impacting the quality, comfort and enjoyment of members games.

The Solution

Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club recognised the need for a comprehensive lighting upgrade and engaged Ledtec to address the above challenges and provide a reputable lighting upgrade solution by carrying out the following:

Energy-efficient LED Fixtures: The outdated 250w metal halide lights were replaced with our 100w LDC high bays which are well known for their high 190 lumens per watt output, longevity and ability to reduce energy-consumption by up to 75%, providing immediate cost savings.

Enhanced Ambience: The lighting design was carefully planned to enhance the ambience of the club. The indoor bowls area was evolved into a bright space with focused illumination which will no doubt improve the players experience and game quality.

Improved Safety: The new lighting system eliminated flickering and provided consistent, high quality lighting, improving the safety for club members and guests.



The Result

Ledtec’s expert driven lighting upgrade not only brightened up the indoor lawn bowls centre for members and visitors to enjoy a better player experience, but also achieved an impressive ROI of 24 months. Beyond the ROI period, there is an estimated savings for the club of $200k thanks to the LDC high bays.

The sports and recreation club also benefits cost savings of $67 per fitting, per year which equates to a total yearly saving of $4246 thanks to the energy efficient LDC high bays which were used to replace the outdated 250w metal halide lights.

The newly installed LED high bay lights have provided additional time and energy-saving benefits, such as improved light levels, allowing light to be more evenly spread across the indoor bowls area as well as the ability to be switched on or off instantly as required in comparison to the replaced metal halide lights which would need a considerable amount of time to switch off and cool down only resulting in unnecessary charges to power bills.

Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club’s LED lighting upgrade project is a shining example of how investing in modern lighting solutions can transform a space for the better. The club not only improved their energy-efficiency levels and reduced operating costs, but also created a more inviting and safer environment for all its members and guests.

If you’re considering a lighting upgrade for your own sports and recreation facility, get in touch with Ledtec team now! Investing in modern lighting technology can have a profound impact on your sports and recreation club’s ambience, energy efficiency, membership levels and overall success.

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