Portable  LED Work Lights

LedTec provides the best portable work light options on the market with work and safety light making a major difference for both your productivity and the safety of your work environment.

portable work lights

LedTec portable LED lights represent the absolute best in LED technology and rugged construction. Bright high efficiency LED output coupled with long-lasting LED drivers and durable housings mean that you will never be let down on the worksite. Whether you are lighting up a small area for a couple of people to work or casting light across an entire facility, LedTec has the best solution for your needs.

When doing those DIY projects or engaging in smaller spaces to carry out the installation you’re going to need proper compact LED light in your workspace. Whether it's working outdoors or even in a garage it immediately gets complicated if you can’t see what you’re working on, which makes investing in the portable LED work light options so important.

Most project managers agree a task can only go as well as the tools you use to accomplish it. Working in a dimly lit environment increases the difficulty of conducting precision work and increases the serious risk of a workplace accident.

Rugged durable construction, completely weatherproof with instant start and easy to use. LedTec work safety lights can be relied upon to work all the time, every time. Configurations come available on a cart with single or double head on the cart, or on a tripod for quick assembly. LedTec's portable LED light series come with lamps fully sealed against dust and water while high-quality materials offer superior impact, shock, vibration support. UV and corrosion resistance preferences ensure an ultra-long service life, even in the harshest Australian environments.

LedTec work lights are second-to-none and made for the real professional who needs the best tools available for the task. LedTec tough-built reliable portable work lights are ideal for a broad range of construction and maintenance activities with features tailored to meet the challenging demands of ordinary, non-hazardous industrial applications. These portable LED lights are built to last. The portable work lights with heavy-duty features ideal for the demanding craftsman who requires vivid and efficient illumination for larger surfaces but the entire room carrying out any kind of repair, paint or construction work.

Our LED work lights are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as construction, forestry, agriculture, military and domestic DIY use. We offer a wide range of models and lumen output, designed to suit every lighting need. LedTec continually innovates and pushes the boundaries of LED lighting always reaching for that extra brightness, that extra running time that makes the real difference when you need the best work light you can get. We guarantee to provide you with only the best products for optimal performance.

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