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Perth Airport is an international, domestic and general aviation airport serving Perth. We carried out a large D&C project in October 2023.

Ledtec was engaged to deliver the lighting components of this D&C which included the lighting engineering and design to achieve the required lux levels to the site and the supply and installation of our exclusive LED lighting solutions.

The purpose of this new facility was to streamline processes and boost their operating efficiency. The following LED fixtures from our range were installed that will go a long way to maximise this efficiency at Perth Airport for many years to come.

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The Solution

Ledtec understood the client’s needs in combining a manufacturing and fabrication facility with the capacity to install service and repair complex, specialised equipment on their premises as their services required high attention to detail. The brief was to increase the visual spectrum inside and outside the building providing maximum visibility while saving on energy costs.

Energy savings, product quality, and maintenance influenced the project at Perth Airport.

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The Result

In the past decade, electricity has shot off the charts. Since 2008 power prices have risen 117 %, more than four times the average price increase across sectors. The lighting upgrade project aimed to reduce energy consumption and improve lighting levels.

Investment costs of the industrial LED lighting  are recouped in such a short period that savings on the bottom line can be seen very quickly. The long lifespan on the high-quality Ledtec LED lights even further contributes to the continued savings as maintenance costs are reduced. The savings on our client’s investment will continue for a long time.

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