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In the fast-paced and competitive world of car dealerships, the demand for brilliant lighting extends beyond mere functionality – it is a key player in elevating the entire customer experience, which starts well before they pull up to the driveway. Lighting needs to be well-considered when planning the overall design of a car dealership, as it also plays a vital role in creating an aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere that captivates visitors and encourages them to explore the product range displayed outside the showroom. That is the first step to getting the deal done. 

Ledtec recently carried out a lighting upgrade for Auto Classic BMW’s outdoor parking and display area. Eight, 1000W Metal Halide lights were previously installed on 10m high poles, and the lighting upgrade project resulted in these outdated fixtures being replaced on a one for one basis with Ledtec’s LSF 300W asymmetrical LED floodlights

The Benefits of Auto Classic BMW’s Lighting Upgrade

  • The asymmetrical lens of the LSF LED floodlight, was vital to ensuring light will no longer spill beyond the parameters of the car dealership onto the nearby roads and buildings. 
  • The colour rendering index (CRI) – a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal colours, is without a doubt, a crucial factor to consider when lighting up a car dealership. The LSF LED floodlights were set to 5000K colour temperature to deliver the most crisp and clear white light over the cars on display. Not only did this improve the car dealership’s external aesthetics, it will now also help potential buyers look closely at specific car features and details to find exactly what they want more easily.
  • The outdoor parking and display area holds millions of dollars worth of inventory 24 hours a day. The LED lighting upgrade eliminated the susceptibility to theft and vandalism for the dealership and improved security for employees, customers and visitors.
  • Auto Classic BMW has no time to waste. Every second is crucial. When the metal halides were still operating, it was taking twenty minutes for the lights to switch on and deliver full-light output. The upgrade to the LED floodlights, now gives the sales team twenty additional minutes (on required days) of prime lighting that they previously did not have and, the operating costs will still equal less than they previously did. 
  • The outdoor environment can be harsh, with exposure to the elements and varying weather conditions – particularly rain and high winds. Ledtec’s LSF LED floodlights are IP65 and IK10(housing) / IK08(lens) rated, making them durable, resilient and capable of withstanding these weather challenges without compromising performance. This also results in fewer if any disruptions and completely minimises maintenance requirements. 
  • The outdated lighting system was consuming more than necessary amounts of energy, which in turn was impacting operating costs. The lighting upgrade to LED, provided the car dealership with ample illumination, while minimising energy consumption levels by 80%. Not only will electricity bills fall, the dealership will also align more with sustainability goals. 

In the dynamic world of car sales, staying ahead means embracing new technological solutions that extend beyond the showroom floor. An LED lighting upgrade for the outdoor car display area is not just a practical investment – it is a visual transformation that can elevate a dealership’s brand, attract more potential customers, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Drive your car dealerships’ success with the brilliance of Ledtec’s commercial LED lighting range by contacting our team today.

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