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LED Lighting Supply for Industrial Contractors.

LedTec supplies high quality, heavy-duty designed commercial and industrial LED Lighting. We partner with mine sites, factories, electricians, industrial maintenance contractors, property managers and end-users to deliver the best possible LED lighting products and solutions.

At LedTec, our emphasis is on quality and our ability to procure high quality LED light to work in any application. Dealing with the most recognised manufacturers of LED components in the international market makes us exclusively positioned as a direct supplier to the West Australian market.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs in order to formulate a fit-for-purpose, quality LED light product. We take the time to understand the application, with the aim of delivering a cost-effective solution without compromising quality/requirements. LedTec team is ready to help you transition from high-cost traditional lighting into LED energy-efficient lighting solution.


We can provide a comprehensive lighting audit that will identify the best possible LED solution for your retrofit project. LedTec can detail ROI (return on investment) report showing how much money will be saved by switching to commercial LED Lighting platform.

An industrial contractor has to operate at an incredibly large scale. The amount of resources that any industrial project requires is enormous, compelling you to think and work in a more significant scope than most. That means any mistakes made by your distributor are increased beyond the range of any standard project. That being the main reason LedTec have researched only the best-LED light output luminaries and bring the most optimised solution to their customers minimising any downtime and managing brightness output expectations while bringing total savings.

When a homeowner orders the wrong light for his retrofit project, they can quickly remedy that mistake. For the industrial project such large scale, errors can be a disaster, and you need your distributor to get everything right the first time.

Direct LED Lighting Supply

Retrofit Industrial LED Lighting Supplies From LedTec

At LedTec, we have all your industrial LED lighting products covered with a customer service team that is the best in the business. Our certified lighting experts are available full-time to help guide you through our carefully chosen LED lighting selection, covering all your project needs. We can guide you through our list of recommended products helping you pick out the most proven high bay LED fixtures and industrial LED floodlights, including any other lighting components your project requires..

We aim to be your LED lighting distributor of choice.

When dealing with a distributor, you have to be sure you got the right company, so that you are not exhausted by the whole process. When it’s time to make a change, we encourage you to check out our offerings at LedTec. We have an extensive collection of industrial LED floodlights for your project and will exceed all the expectations you have for a LED lighting distributor.

LedTec, a distributor to get you the best-LED products you need, precisely on the day you need them. If you’re retrofitting an ample industrial space for energy efficiency, then LedTec can help you get the best-LED lighting solution you need for the project. This applies to all sorts of heavy-duty LED lighting, from commercial high bay LED fixtures to industrial LED lighting. If you are concerned with lead times holding up your project schedule, our team will be there every step of the way to guide you to the agreed delivery date.

You can trust LedTec because we’re passionate about LED technology. Having seen many enterprises reap the benefits of switching to LED lights, we know just how big an impact the technology can make. For industrial LED lighting solutions, there’s nothing more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than LedTec range of LED fixtures, and we’d love to help guide companies in the process of making the change.

We believe continuous business is vital to our/your industry, and as such, we pride ourselves in providing industry-leading after-sales service. For years, we have always placed emphasis on customer satisfaction and experience; by doing this; we continue to lead in the domestic commercial and industrial market.

For more information on purchasing LED lights, fixtures, and retrofit options, contact LedTec today. We look forward to helping you save money by making the switch to LED technology.

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