Led Retrofit Experts Providing Led Lighting Technology and Specialising in Led Light Fixtures for Industrial and Commercial Industries. LedTec is quality. experience. bright.

The LED market is incredibly dynamic and constantly changing with new technology entering the market virtually daily. It is just not feasible or reasonable to expect non-specialists to keep abreast with the technologies available. LedTec supplies LED luminaries, provides the expertise, the quality and the accountability for clients needing to move into LED lighting phase.

LedTec includes modern LED chip light source with long life LED driver.

The technical capability is the most important factor in supplying quality long-lasting LED luminaires with the best LED drivers, therefore LedTec only uses most trusted and world-recognized brands for all of the components within LED light modules. We provide a written five-year warranty on our commercial and street LED lights range and 3 years' warranty on industrial LED lights.

The LED chip light source comes again from market leader Citizen and it is specifically designed to suit LED luminaries for public lighting. The lifespan of the LED chip is estimated to 50,000 hours. Our complete range of LED fixtures meets all documented requirements and proposed guidelines within the EoI. LedTec has the in-house capability to produce detailed LED lighting plans and plots through proprietary modelling developed.

The path to productivity starts with the right LED light. Longer-lasting LED lighting helps your facility avoid disruptive maintenance shutdowns. LedTec can outfit your lighting needs with state of the art LED fixtures to keep your operations running one step ahead. Smart LED lighting means less downtime, less waste and greater productivity.

LED Lighting is essential to keeping workers safe and factories productive.

With resilient advanced LED solutions, facilities managers can achieve substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs. Industrial sites are now upgrading their
mission-critical lighting systems to achieve rapid payback on investments and significantly better light quality.

LED lighting grid is also a safety net when it's built intelligently to help workers do their jobs more easily, reducing the number of accidents. LedTec can customise LED systems for each section of a facility, so workers can see no matter the task at hand. We could integrate sensors that monitor movement and communicate with LED lights to stay on or dim /off if the area is not being used. We are all about safety, saving power and making our systems last longer.

Heavy machinery. Heating and cooling vast spaces. When you need this much power, cost saving LED lights are just one way to boost energy efficiency. LED lights are an environmentally friendly lighting solution that delivers huge long-term energy savings - and can be integrated with an array of intelligent hardware.

Industrial LED Lights

LedTec is not just a "supplier" or an "installer" but offers expertise from the design, procurement, installation to disposal stage. The path to productivity starts with the right LED light.

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