Perth LED Lighting Supplier, Servicing All Industry Sectors With Industrial Led Lighting Fixtures and Commercial High Bay Led Lights.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of sustainable indoor/outdoor lighting products and solutions to our clientele. LED high bay floodlights are ideally suited for use in factories, cold stores and warehouses. For those hazardous areas like mine sites, LedTec provides only the proven LED floodlight fixtures that are of highest shockproof qualities and IP rating. LED lighting innovation is constantly driving the new LED lighting system solutions out into the market where LedTec with their global partnerships bring you the special LED light fittings backed by quality, service and warranty. From machine LED lights to workplace LED lights, LedTec introduces the new 360˚ Panoramic LED lights together with a new range of portable LED work lights for those smaller mobile quests.

Metal halide lamps, fluorescent tubes, and high-pressure sodium lamps have dominated the lighting industry for decades. These traditional lighting sources were popular because of their ability to light up large working platforms. New LED technology has evolved to such an extent that it can now match the output and beat, the traditional lighting sources on several fronts including higher brightness and energy saving cost.

At LedTec we design and develop energy-saving LED lamps. As industrial LED lighting supplier, we bring only the best high bay LED lights and industrial LED area lights to the market in Western Australia. We have a desire to meet the growing demand for green lighting solutions in commercial companies and industrial manufacturing areas by creating sustainable LED lamps of the highest quality, designed with a specific focus on saving the energy/costs and improving safety on work site.

We offer both indoor and outdoor LED lighting. We source only the best quality, long-lasting LED light fittings and driver components, tested and proven in real-world scenarios. Our innovative LED products can be installed in a wide range of projects ranging from industrial warehouses to large mine sites. Every new product is tested through impartial organisations and comes warranted and certified for the Australian market. The testing of the products assures that all of LedTec’s quality requirements are met, including long lifespan, high-energy efficiency and best quality of light.

Every new product is tested through impartial organisations and comes warranted and certified for the Australian market. The testing of the products assures that all of LedTec’s quality requirements are met, including long lifespan, high-energy efficiency and best quality of light.

Featured Product

Our company name is illustrating both what we do and where we play. We deliver LED lighting technology to range os industries and commercial sectors. The ability to delivering a complete solution, we source components from the best collaborators of LED manufacturers, whose products can be found in LedTec portfolio. Our LED lighting designers simulate 3D animated designs in extra high quality helping present detailed visual of how the illumination will project on your next project. Besides, the LED light simulation LedTec can provide the electricians with an overall knowledge and experience for your next lighting installation.

With LED warehouse lighting, you can reduce operating costs and improve working conditions for your employees. Take advantage of LED high bay lighting and create an efficient warehouse. LedTec your professional LED lighting partner before installation of the perfect warehouse lighting project.

With the latest LED lighting innovation we bring the best-LED lighting fixtures that allow us putting maximal emphasis on safety and brightness aiding you in precise manufacturing and accuracy at your premises. Waterproof LED lights with a high IP rating, intended for industrial spaces, production shops, factories, production plants and workshops. Perfectly chosen industrial light fitting for manufacturing environments must ensure the safety of the employees and the high quality of their work. As a Perth based commercial LED lighting and industrial LED lighting supplier our goal is to provide a blend of cost-effective project solution throughout the LED Lighting network. A suitably chosen industrial LED light can also contribute considerably to cost savings. An industrial LED light fitting must not blink, to prevent the machines from seeming stationary; it must be dustproof, resistant against penetration of water and impact.

LedTec Service Promise

LedTec is exclusively placed to assist the customer to meet their objectives and to support the bulk introduction of LED lighting and energy conservation within the range of industries. We promise value for money outcomes and optimise the effectiveness of our clientele. We are Perth lighting company bringing the latest in LED lighting innovation to your doorstep.

We strive to provide, energy-efficient lighting products to benefit the consumer. With exceptionally long lifespan our LED lighting can we ensure that you vastly reduce your maintenance burden. Industrial lighting is costly to operate and a major drain on maintenance resources for most organisations. LedTec aims to play a part of an ever-progressing socially conscious and environmentally-aware world community by providing the LED lighting solutions that illuminate the future.

We only use state of the art technology to design, develop, test the extensive LED product range offering the best that is available as a palate to the industry. Our products are developed specifically for commercial/industrial use in Australia for a variety of sectors and are used as a benchmark in LED lighting products.

Gaining that perfect LED light output has never been more simple. The lighting market has changed enormously due to the LED transformation, increasing digitalisation, connectivity and big data plans. On the one hand, this provides diverse opportunities and on the other, LED lighting solutions are becoming increasingly complex in their configuration and operations. LedTec clear complexity and introduce manageable LED intelligent solutions that set new standards in terms of energy efficiency and quality of light. We bring dependability and deliver reliable lighting and real-world gain with a customised LED lighting solution for your next project.