Street LED Lighting

LedTec lights improving safety with the street LED fixture designed to illuminate dark public areas, freeways, walkways, exit and entrance areas.

Street LED lighting

LedTec architectural LED lights are developed and designed to be used for any kind of creative flexibility while offering enormous savings in energy use. Our LED lights are designed to form and highlight architectural shapes and designs for a wide variety of applications. They are typically used to form building outlines or create highlights of select features. Our LED lighting range comes in a variety of shapes and colours, allowing bold designs and creative accents. Designed for both new installation and easy retrofit to existing HID cobra head-style fixtures, our high-grade aluminium alloy housing with high-durability powder coating provides superior performance and longevity in virtually any environment.

LedTec LED lights design for area lighting are perfect for creating great light coverage for parking lots, walkways, auto dealerships, sports courts and playgrounds.

LED area lights range from 30 watts to 1000watts with various light distributions. All of our LED outdoor area lighting has a five year warranty. LED Area Light delivers class-leading energy efficiency, functionality and dependability for superior performance in a wide range of applications in the most demanding environments.

Specifically, build to suit area lighting application our SMS/MPG and LST series provides maintenance-free lighting you can count on with unmatched visual clarity for maximum savings and safety.

This LED light series is built for high output with no glare. Designed fo harsh Australian and European conditions for stand-alone, high impact lighting on parking lots, walkways, auto dealerships, sports courts and playgrounds.

Designed with public areas in mind and totally optimised, LED street and area lighting systems deliver incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. Made from high-quality aluminium. Fully serviceable enclosures. Low maintenance costs. Heavy-duty and robust and built to resist harsh environments. We recommend this option for government projects and state-owned land like: roads, highways, bridges, car parks other infrastructure.

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