Industrial LED Floodlights Made for Mining Operations.

Equipped with the best quality outdoor LED lighting products and vast service capabilities, LedTec is focused on meeting your critical LED lighting requirements. LedTec LED lighting solutions offer tremendous energy and maintenance savings that easily justify their upfront investment. LED TECHNOLOGY SLASH LIGHTING COSTS BY MORE THAN 50%.

The industrial lighting products are designed and manufactured from robust materials, which enables them to withstand such tough conditions. Tough environments require reliable and solid lighting solutions. With a long product lifespan, our industrial lighting solutions will be illuminating even the most challenging applications for many years to come, providing optimum lighting well into the future. LedTec industrial lights are specially designed for use on mine and civil spec lighting towers, mobile plant, buildings, processing plant and equipment or pole mount for area lighting.


LedTec's new KUE series LED luminaires for heavy-duty industrial application incorporate the latest generation of Citizen chip 115Lm/w, with CE, SAA, SAA, CE, C-Tick, TUV and RoHS compliance, as well as new design B1 +C lens made with high purity glasses (96%) and low absorption (less than 5%) with a divergent-asymmetric geometry, generating a greater extent and uniformity light beam.

The KUE series LED light range can be supplied at different voltage ranges (90- 305VAC / 12-48VDC), different lens options as well as in various colour temperatures (3.000 – 5.500 K).

When looking for LED floodlights, high bay lights or industrial lights, seek out fixtures that are high impact, wet-rated with energy-efficient lights. Controls can also be added to industrial lighting to allow for a more customisable LED lighting solution. LedTec product line delivers a variety of industry-leading LED fixtures designed to support a safe and productive manufacturing environment.

Floodlights are designed for illumination of industrial locations. They use the latest in solid-state lighting technology for long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. LedTec is meeting that challenge and delivering the next generation of lighting solutions that will redefine customers' performance and energy consumption expectations. Today.

There are various functions that separate LED lights from traditional lighting models. They've got recognition for excellence accomplished through years of innovation and that has enabled them to outperform competing for fashions efficaciously. LED floodlights are mainly designed to cover larger areas. They focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long-range. This makes them perfect for business and mining industrial programs. There are many options when it comes to installing LED light fixtures in your industry. LED technology will give you a better experience and save you money in the long term.

Industrial facilities require LED lighting systems that can perform continuously and sometimes under harsh conditions. The lighting systems in these structures are no exception. In the mining industry and other applications, LED floodlights, high bay and low bay lights are required to withstand weathering, temperature and corrosive elements.

Our lighting solutions are durable enough to withstand harsh environmental factors such as high temperatures, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, dirty power, vibration, and also comply with the fire, safety, and material codes.

Mining LED floodlights for industry, warehouses and factories. Designed tough to withstand the harshest environments.