Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures

Illuminating Industries Across Australia

LedTec has been leading the LED lighting revolution across industries in Australia with its innovative, heavy-duty, durable, and energy-efficient KUE4 LED light fitting.

Founder Serg Radic introduced the KUE industrial LED light series to mine sites in Australia four years ago, ascertaining the need for a more competitive robust LED light that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Lighting towers were the first to be retrofitted with the KUE light fittings, immediately delivering ultimate performance and fuel savings. The LED flood light DNA, formed the basis for designing a supplementary range of mining LED lights purposely built to optimise industry sectors; construction, industrial and commercial operations.

LED Light Fixtures Range

More than 50% of operations are still utilising obsolete lighting technology consisting of Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Mercury Vapour (MV) lamps designed decades ago. Radic and the team tailor-design LED lighting solutions to deliver substantial savings both financially and environmentally.

Since the launch of the first LED light, word of mouth recommendations has grown the business from an initial idea to a broad product range seen across mining, public and commercial sectors across Australia.

All LED light fixtures are RoHS certified and comply with emission standard EMS and electrical SAA[1] standards, without the hefty price tag. The team pride themselves in continuously meeting market demand for innovative LED lighting solutions that outperform existing Metal Halide fittings.

LedTec moved into their new base of operations earlier this year, located in O'Connor, Western Australia. “We house a superior range of LED light products”, explained Radic. “We light industrial mining operations, public areas, commercial warehouses, processing plants, and even stadiums for various entertainment events”.

To talk through LedTec’s product range contact the office - or 1300 LedTec. Or if you’re in Perth, stop by the showroom 8/94 Forsyth Street O’Connor.