Lighting Council Australia Member Spotlight - LedTec

We were recently featured in Lighting Council Australia's 50th Edition E-Newsletter. Our founder Serg Radic was asked some questions relating to Australia's lighting industry's current challenges and future development opportunities and gives insight into how LedTec was started and the range of LED lighting solutions we offer.

I started working in the lighting industry back in 2010 when I joined the Lighting Tower and Genset, which specifically supported the mining and industrial sectors. Throughout the first couple of years I spent there, we identified the need for a revolutionary change by introducing the first LED mine spec 'green tower' to the Australian market. It was at that point that I realised that I wanted to stay in the lighting industry, providing a broad range of social, economic, environmental, management and governance benefits, making LightingLighting more sustainable for mining, industrial, commercial and public sectors. Had I not stayed in the lighting industry, I most likely would have ended up somewhere in the electrical field or automotive industry.

LedTec was established in 2016 when I came to realise there was a market need for a more robust, heavy-duty, and cost-effective LED light suitable for retrofitting 1500W metal halide lights applied to lighting towers. I decided to embark on a journey to develop the KUE2 & KUE4 floodlight, which marked the beginning of Ledtec. Over the past few years, we have worked to develop a solid product line consisting of floodlights, conveyor lights, stadiums and street fixtures suitable for Australia's industrial, mining, commercial, public and sports sectors.

We look in different places, ask different questions, utilising the latest technology to create the ultimate product for a specific application. The Ledtec difference lies in custom design and a complete understanding of the products application requirements. We are forever committed to learning and being creative. We understand the importance of investing resources into research and development to continue delivering on our promise of the best lumen for dollar value on the market and building lighting products of the future.

With rapid technological advancement in machine learning, augmented reality and LED lighting systems, digitalisation of our physical world is inevitable, which will be experienced in the lighting industry, particularly through lighting design. We will begin to see a development in advanced SSL product development and lighting design techniques that fully leverage the digital and integration capabilities of LED instead of continuing to replicate conventional fixtures and methods of lighting-built environments. A lighting designer will be able to deliver a more realistic visualisation of how various lighting options will look on a job site through augmented reality presented through a smartphone or tablet. User experiences will improve as clients will be able to gain a more realistic preview of how the new lighting system will operate.

I believe the lighting industry is currently being challenged by the impacts of COVID-19. Many Australian lighting companies rely on suppliers from other states within Australia or other parts of the world to manufacture certain components of their lighting products. Without necessary components available in advance, the production of lighting fixtures has slowed down, which poses significant challenges in terms of delivering and selling lighting fixtures to Australian consumers. The longer the pandemic goes on, the longer manufacturing lead times will be, and the higher businesses will be at risk of relying on depleted inventories that they can't replace as rapidly as they could pre-pandemic.

I am in my late thirties with a young family, living near the coast in Fremantle. Outside of work, my passion lies in travel, cars, and watches. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with family, going to the beach, soccer and footy.